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Innovating For The Future, Today

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Our Reason for Being

"We’re a catalyst for fast-paced, collaborative technology development."

What We Do

Disruption is in our DNA

We rapidly validate and mature technologies to support future products and services for UTC’s businesses and customers.

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"Our vision is to continue UTC’s legacy of innovation by advancing ideas beyond traditional technology horizons to serve future customers."

About Us

Want to know more about who we are as an organization?

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  • Our Presence

    We have people near many UTC sites, from Brooklyn, NY to Rockford, IL, East Hartford, CT to Longueuil, QC.

  • Where You Can Find Us

    We work across the entire UTC technology and engineering ecosystem to execute work and expand technology.

  • Our Employees

    With a fast-growing team distributed across the world, our projects bring together UTC's world-leading expertise in engineering and manufacturing along with top external talent.

  • Founded in 2018

    We were developed to integrate and accelerate technologies drawn from UTC’s ecosystem to support future products and services for UTC’s businesses and customers.

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A History of Innovation


Commencing Launch Pratt & Whitney unveils its Wasp.

The Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Company was founded by Frederick B. Rentschler in Hartford, Connecticut. The company began to revolutionize the aircraft industry with its Wasp engine - a lighter, air-cooled and desirable option for the time.

A History of Innovation


Crossing the Sea Lindbergh challenges the status quo.

Charles Lindbergh and The Spirit of St. Louis made the first nonstop solo flight from New York to Paris. Lindbergh's iconic airplane featured a Standard Steel adjustable propeller and Goodrich tires and fuel tanks-both technologies helped form what is now Collins Aerospace.

A History of Innovation


Pacing the Globe Earhart travels boldly.

A Pratt & Whitney Wasp-powered Lockheed Vega propelled Amelia Earhart across the Atlantic Ocean, making Earhart the first woman - and the second person after Charles Lindbergh - to fly nonstop and solo across the Atlantic Ocean.

A History of Innovation


Opening Lines Rockwell Collins opens its doors.

Founded as a radio company in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Rockwell Collins opened its doors and left its mark on historical events. It shaped events like Rear Admiral Richard Byrd's journey at the South Pole, where the company established Byrd's communications. The company is now an integral portion of Collins Aerospace

A History of Innovation


Powering Freedom Pratt & Whitney protects the globe

By the end of World War II, Pratt & Whitney and its licensees produced 363,619 engines and accounted for 50 percent of the nation's military aerial horsepower. The company continues its mission through over 7,000 military engines in service with 34 armed forces worldwide.

A History of Innovation


Venturing Beyond Apollo 11 lands on the moon.

Rockwell Collins, Hamilton Standard, and Goodrich provided critical systems to the Apollo 11 moon landing. From radio communication technology, to spacesuits, to environmental systems aboard the spacecraft, the companies were integral to the Apollo missions. These technologies continue to further space travel through the Collins Aerospace brand.

A History of Innovation


Gearing Up Pratt & Whitney unveils its GTF™ engine.

Pratt & Whitney's Geared Turbofan (GTF) engine, made its first run in 2016. The next-generation engine features a fan-drive gear system, as well as major improvements in its high-pressure spool, low-pressure turbine, combustor, controls, engine health monitoring and more.

A History of Innovation


Blazing Forward United Technologies Advanced Projects comes to light.

In 2018, United Technologies launched our Advanced Projects organization. Our mission? Disrupt our businesses before anyone else can. We do so by building ambitious demonstrators for products and services at startup speed.


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