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A Day in the Life Edith Tippler

Project Quality Manager

9:00 AM

Here to Help

When I get to work, I immediately connect with my team to understand what setbacks or new opportunities they're faced with. Then, I determine how I can provide support so they can focus on the bigger picture goals.

11:00 AM

Master of Compliance

I'm passionate about keeping the lines of communication clear with our project partners. To do so, I'm creating a quality management plan to ensure we are compliant with the FAA and Transport Canada and remain on track to fly in 2020.

1:00 PM

Logistics Extraordinaire

We're kicking off a four week sprint to meet our project's next big milestone. I've coordinated for over 50 project partners to access our facility and efficiently brainstorm together to achieve our end goal faster.

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"United Technologies Advanced Projects is decentralized and inclusive - the entire team is made up of leaders eager to create and collaborate. It's refreshing to see everyone working together towards a common vision."

2:30 PM

Problem Solver

Our weekly touch base allows me to gather our team together to understand the status of upcoming milestones, what the roadblocks are, and how we can mitigate the issues ahead.

5:00 PM

Jack of All Trades

A team member asked for assistance working with a project partner. I'm happy to step in to share scopes of work, deliverables, or to coordinate purchase orders - whatever's needed, I'm happy to jump in!

Come Work With Us

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Systems Engineering
Configuration Management
Simulation Expert
Aircraft Compliance Expert
Racing Hybrid Electric Engine Designers
Endurance Race Power Plant Engineer

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