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A Day in the Life Manny Acuna

Associate Director, Program Manager - Systems Integration & Controls

9:00 AM

But First, Coffee

We're a tight knit team, so that means starting most mornings with a quick caffeine fix at the local coffee shop in downtown Rockford, Illinois.

11:00 AM

Communication is Key

Each day brings new challenges when you're innovating. Today, I’m meeting with Pratt & Whitney Canada and Collins Aerospace to understand the best ways to bring two independent technologies - gas engines and electric motors - together to create a hybrid-electric propulsion system.

1:00 PM

Working Smarter, Not Harder

I'm constantly challenged to eliminate barriers at the company to achieve our goals faster. Today, I'm connecting with external partners to leverage their technological advances to create efficiencies for our project.

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Our Mission

"My role allows me to create new processes and engineering solutions rather than doing things the way they've always been done. That's innovation at its finest."

2:30 PM

A Quick Call for Continued Success

We're paving the way for something entirely new in the aerospace industry, which means communication is a top priority to ensure we're addressing risks across multiple domains. Today's call with industry regulators will help ensure our X-plane is on track for success.

5:00 PM

Leaving On A Jet Plane

I'm off to catch a flight to meet an important project partner tomorrow - going out and meeting top talent wherever it exists is a key enabler of our projects and allows us to augment UTC's expertise.

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Simulation Expert
Aircraft Compliance Expert
Racing Hybrid Electric Engine Designers
Endurance Race Power Plant Engineer

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