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A Day in the Life Michael St.Julien

Digital Technology Lead

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9:00 AM

Jumping Right In

After a quick scan through my morning email, I jump into the continued creation and documentation of our data policies. Security is a top priority, and I want to ensure we have the right tools in place that allow us to be responsible stewards of data.

11:00 AM

Building a Smarter Office

I'm hosting a brainstorming session to come up with new ways to improve everyday technology hassles and create new opportunities. My goal is to make office collaboration smarter, more intuitive, and enjoyable for employees.

1:00 PM

Simplifying the Future

I'm working on a new applications stack that will allow all employees to login to their favorite tools with one password. I want them to forget about how disparate technology can be so they can truly focus on their work.

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Our Mission

"For the first time in my career, I'm empowered to take risks - regardless of the outcome - because I know that I'm trusted."

2:30 PM

Time to Reflect

The views from our Brooklyn office are breathtaking, and I try to take time each day to be appreciative and present away from my desk. I grab an espresso, walk across the office, and take a few minutes to reset for the rest of the afternoon.

5:00 PM

The Right Tools for the Trade

My goal is to build tools internally that allow people to do brilliant work seamlessly. I'm on my way to visit the team in Montreal to set up high definition communication equipment at their office so they can improve the collaborative experiences across offices.

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