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Project 804

Hybrid-Electric Flight: Closer Than You Think

A Bold Step Forward

We are constructing and flying a hybrid-electric X-plane that will advance more-electric flight and open a new design space for aviation.

The Opportunity

Connect more people, more efficiently

We'll average 30% fuel savings on a typical one-hour mission, significantly lowering carbon emissions. New and unprecedented value is offered to customers, air travelers, and the environment.

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The Demonstrator

Built upon a midsized regional turboprop

The X-plane will consist of an engine optimized for cruise efficiency augmented by a battery-powered electric motor and will feature a mission range of approximately 600 nautical miles.

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The Innovators


Jean Thomassin Project Director

Equal parts technical visionary and hands-on inventor, Jean has spent over two decades at Pratt & Whitney leading creative engineering teams. Whether it's building souped-up truck engines in his garage or inventing bleeding-edge propulsion technologies for UTC, Jean's passion for driving innovation makes him a natural fit to lead Project 804. Jean has a M.S. and Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering.

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Systems Engineering
Configuration Management
Simulation Expert
Aircraft Compliance Expert
Racing Hybrid Electric Engine Designers
Endurance Race Power Plant Engineer
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