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United Technologies Advanced Projects is a catalyst for fast-paced, collaborative technology development that will meet the future demands of UTC customers.

We want your help in identifying new project ideas. If you have an idea for a project, tell us more about it through our non-confidential submission process.

United Technologies Advanced Projects all share the following criteria:

  • All projects must have a potential impact on UTC’s business portfolio, often by cutting across multiple disciplines, and tackling or combining hardware, software, and service elements.

  • They culminate in a product demonstrator (an integrated "pilot" that addresses risk across multiple tech and non-tech domains).

  • They can be absorbed by UTC businesses where they can be applied to existing or new products for our customers.

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Tell us about your project idea


Has anyone tried to solve it already? Were they successful? Why or why not?


How will the product be "demonstrated"? (e.g. building and flying an aircraft)


What's new about your proposition? How does it stack up to previous attempts, if any? Why do you think it will be successful?


Who are the stakeholders? How should they be involved?

Additional details


How will you demonstrate value creation (business or strategic)?


What're the largest risks that the project may face? (technical, regulatory, partnerships, etc.)


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